Kerry: Two-state solution ‘only viable alternative’ to violence 

US Secretary of State John Kerry asserted Wednesday that the escalating wave of Arab terror in Israel showcases what would be in store if the Palestinian Arabs were not to achieve statehood.


During a speech in Washington, Kerry emphasized the United States’ commitment to advancing the two-state solution, which he called “the only viable alternative.”


According to the Secretary, the bloodshed “is yet another indication of thefolly of believing that efforts at permanent peace and reconciliation are somehow not worth pursuing.”


Anybody who thinks otherwise can measure what [a] unitary [state] looks like by just looking at what’s been occurring over the past few weeks.”


Stressing that unrest and violence have hurt both Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, Kerry contended “the current situation is simply not sustainable.”


“Israel should support Palestinians they can work with and take steps on the ground and Palestinians should stop incitement, offer more than just rhetoric and take into consideration Israeli security needs,” he said.


Kerry, the architect of the most recent round of failed talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, has been, in recent days, working to end the latest wave of violence through a series of diplomatic measures.


On Saturday, he announced the plan to install security cameras on the Temple Mount, noting that Israel had agreed to the 24-hour surveillance as a step to calm tensions over the holy site. The move is highly controversial as ithelps the Jordanian Waqf ban Jewish prayer at the holiest site in Judaism.




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