WATCH: Jordanian Cleric Is Against Killing Jews (Sort of…) 

A Jordanian Muslim cleric Ali Hassan Al-Halabi explained that it is not always permissible to kill Jews in Israel and that Jews don’t attack unless they are attacked.

This video was originally posted on February 18, 2015 but has been circulating again due to the recent terror attacks in Israel.onu2bunrwa1311

Although this cleric has no love for the Jews whom he calls “wicked and heretical”, his message is quite different than the recent directives from Muslim clerics to “stab as many Jews as you can”.While Al-Halabi says that it’s not permissible to just kill Jews, in a time of war he allows it.palestinian_knifer11

He does admit that Jews do not go around killing Muslims unprovoked, as many Palestinians voices have been saying in this last wave of terror.




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