Rescue Christians – New European Headquarters To Rescue Iraqi and Syrian Christian Orphans

Rescue Christians is excited to announce a major expansion of our organization; to open not only an office in Europe, in the country of Spain but also a major center to facilitate a temporary shelter to process hundreds of Iraqi and Syrian Christian refugees in the city of Madrid. Our European directors will be Mila and Manuel Fernanda who are the Pastors of the Living Water Church who are excited to be a major part of our network to save our Christian Brethren.


At our meeting in Madrid yesterday (October 16th) I said to them “that it is my desire and job to unite the Christians of the United States and Europe to save our Christian brethren” I joked, “that it is being organized by an Irish Jew”. G-d certainly has a sense of humor.


Mila and Manuel run an independent Pentecostal church in Spain, they have many strong contacts with the Spanish government and other churches, not just in Spain but also all over Europe. They have 30 years of experience serving the poor, the hungry, and the homeless, battered women and even drug addicts. Their drug program they had a 60% success record, which is three times the average for other programs. I personally saw the amazing work they have done in the city of Madrid and despite the burdens they already endure they wish to take on much more. They have already prepared 16 rooms to facilitate our refugees and have access to many more homes to keep our refugees so we can process their rehabilitation. Based on our consultations, their connections and their tremendous love for the Lord, I strongly believe that they will help us deliver tremendous results not just for us in Spain but also right across Europe. They are excited to be part of Rescue Christians and we are excited to have them as our partners.

Our first initiative for our European partners is to save hundreds of orphans that our security people have just found on the border of Iraq and Syria. These children are between the ages of 6 and 15 and they fled after ISIS murdered their parents. They have only the clothes on their back. Elderly people on the border are caring for them but they themselves do not have the resources to do the job. Their only food is pita bread and some tea. They have no access to medicine, schools or other vital needs required for young children.


It is our duty to save these children and bring them to the West so we can renew their lives. If we can break through the red tape we also hope to resettle many of these children in the United States with American families. We are working on a full report which will include video and photographs of the problem. We should have this exclusive report on this blog next week.

Our security teams have also informed us that we will receive full cooperation from one of the most influential Archbishop’s of one of the Orthodox Church denominations. The Archbishop who we cannot expose as it may compromise our work, will provide every means at his disposal to transport and care for hundreds of refugees as we move them across to different parts of Europe. This will save us literally millions of dollars over the coming years.

We are building the network to win many future victories. Every life we save is a victory and with your help, our readers and donors, we will save hundreds of thousands and maybe millions along with the help and guidance of the Lord. Please pray for our new partners so they will be successful in being be part of the greatest rescue mission in history.

The persecution of Christians will increase a hundred fold from even what is happening today. The death toll and brutality will become unfathomable, even much worse than what we have reported so far, but we must save the “least of our brethren” so we at Rescue Christians ask you to participate in this work.


3 thoughts on “Rescue Christians – New European Headquarters To Rescue Iraqi and Syrian Christian Orphans

  1. God bless you so much for what you are doing. The church needs to look after these children and bring them up as their parents would have with much love and in the Lord. If I could I would glady adopt one or more of these precious kids, but being a single mum of two from the UK, I doubt if I would qualify.

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