GERMANY: The media call them ‘Neo-Nazis’ and ‘Right Wing Extremists’…the people call them ‘Patriots’

HAS THE COMING CIVIL WAR BEGUN? The backlash against the Muslim invasion of Europe is being misreported as “Marauding mobs of neo-Nazis on an orgy of violence against Muslim asylum seekers.”


The corrupt German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is leading the invasion would have you believe it is neo-Nazis who are attacking the mostly male Muslim invaders, freeloaders and jihadists posing as refugees. It is not, it is ordinary German citizens who are desperate to stop what they know will be the destruction of their culture, their values, their economy, and their religious beliefs. 700 of the Muslim invaders just went missing in Germany. Where could they be?

The Civil War in Germany actually began in 2011, led by a small, gutsy German woman named Heidi, who caused a worldwide sensation by getting up in the faces of a gang of Muslim thugs in Frankfurt.

That same ‘Brave German Woman,’ Heidi Mund, then disrupted an interfaith ceremony while an Islamic cleric was leading the highly offensive Muslim ‘Call to Prayer’ inside the German church.



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