Rock band US acting in Bataclan escaped the slaughter

All members of the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal which operated in the Paris Bataclan room when there was the terrorist attack escaped the slaughter, according to a US newspaper reported “The Washington Post” and “The Atlanta Journal Constitution”.

The Washington Post quoted an unnamed official of the US Department of Justice, according to which all the band members “are healthy”, while the newspaper The Atlanta Journal Constitution.


He spoke with the brother of the drummer.The drummer brother, Julian Dario, originally from Atlanta, said that all members of the band “escaped from the room without being injured.””They saw a man with a machine gun opened fire,” said drummer brother, Michael, according to whose account the group fell to the ground when he saw the gun and left the house by the back door.Six simultaneous attacks cause at least 120 dead and 200 wounded, and sowed chaos in Paris, the most deadly of them hostage taking in the Bataclan hall, which killed at least 70 people.



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