Anonymous – Isis: Anonymous starts attacking and disseminate accounts of alleged members of the ISIS

Anonymous has begun to leak personal data of suspected members of the self-proclaimed Islamic state and claims to have blocked more than 5,500 social media accounts allegedly linked to terrorist.

Activists are performing these actions after “declared war” on the jihadist groupfollowing the attacks of 13 Paris last Friday.
Organized under the #opISIS and #opParis labels are trying to wipe out thewebsites and social media accounts of people associated with the Islamic State, while publishing your personal data, including their IP addresses.
As reported in The Independent, activists say they have removed or blocked more than 5,500 profiles, many belonging to people involved in the recruitment of radicals.
Anonymous declares “war” on Islamic state after the bombings in Paris on November 13 produced, but had already taken a similar initiative in January after attacks weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Since then, as recorded by The Next Web, Anonymous claims to have dismantled nearly 150 web pages related to the Islamic State and blocked more than 100,000 Twitter accounts and eliminated about 6,000 videos.

Anonymous says it is just the beginning.

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