The mistake that cost the life terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud 

A cell has been the key to everything.

Abandoned by one of the terrorists in a dustbin near the concert hall Le Bataclan, it contained a map of the concert hall, a text message saying “Come on, we’re starting,” sent just before the attack; and details of an apartment in Alfortville, which was rented by Salah Abdeslam days before the attack.

The court allowed the researchers to begin a journey that eventually ends up in an apartment in the neighborhood, Saint-Denis, near the National Stadium of France, north of Paris.

When police arrived on the third floor of a building in the Rue du Corbillon found within a 5 person. His suspicions be confirmed hours later: the mastermind of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was among them.

Immediately a terrible shooting started.

The suspects, including a suicidal woman, opened fire on police when officers entered the building.

Police responded with more than 5,000 shots.

The woman suspected unleashed his explosive vest, killing themselves and a police dog seven-year-old named Diesel.

Abdelhamid El Abaaoud riddled corpse was found at the end of the operation.

His identity was determined through fingerprints, said the prosecutor.

“Abdelhamid Abaaoud just been formally identified after comparing papillary traces (fingerprints in the hands or feet) and died during the assault carried out by the RAID (elite unit of the French police) at Corbillon of Saint-Denis on the night of November 18, “said an official statement.

“This is the body discovered in the building, riddled with bullets,” he added.



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