ISIS set up a laboratory for scientists to create chemical weapons

The State Islamic group is aggressively pursuing the development of chemical weapons, establishing a division dedicated to research and experimentation with the help of scientists from Iraq, Syria and the rest of the region, according to Iraqi officials and US intelligence.

Its mission poses an alarming scenario for the West, given the determination to attack major cities as the group showed its bloody attack in Paris last week.

Authorities, US intelligence does not believe the group has the ability to develop sophisticated weapons and narcotic gases that are best suited for a terrorist attack on a civilian target.

So far the group has used mustard gas on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria.

However, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, warned Thursday that Islamic extremists could use biological weapons at some point.

“Terrorism strikes not what France is doing in Iraq and Syria… but for what it is,” Valls said in the lower house of parliament.

“We know that there may also be a risk of chemical or biological weapons,” he added, although he did not speak a specific threat.

Iraqi authorities expressed their concern that the large shelter that extremists have controlled since they invaded Iraq and Syria over the past year has left largely in the dark about the ISIS program group.”We now have complete freedom to choose the places of their laboratories and production sites, and have a wide variety of experts, both civilian and military, to help,” he told The Associated Press a senior officer of the Iraqi intelligence service.The official, like other intelligence agencies of Iraq and the United States who have firsthand knowledge of the chemical weapons program of the terrorist group, spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss such sensitive information.

So far, the only obvious sign of chemical weapons program group has been the apparent use of mustard gas against Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria.

In the mortars that hit Kurdish forces in northern Iraq earlier this year, preliminary tests showed traces US sulfur mustard chemical agent.

Iraqi authorities clearly fear that the use can be employed.

During the summer, the Iraqi army deployed its anti-gas distributed to the west and north of Baghdad troops masks, general told the AP.

A senior officer in the province of Saladin, north of Baghdad, said 25% of the troops there were equipped with masks.




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