“I heard music and then felt a stab in the back’ 

The woman injured Sunday morning in the stabbing attack at a bus station on Shamgar Street in Jerusalem has been identified as Nepalese native, Isuri Taplaya.


Taplaya has spent the last seven years in Israel working as a caregiver.

After being treated by Magen David Adom medics at the scene of the attack, Taplaya was evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in the capital. Her condition is now classified as light-to-moderate.


Taplaya recounted to reporters early on Sunday afternoon the moments before and after a Palestinian Arab attacked her with a knife.

“I was walking on the street and I heard music,” she said. “Suddenly a young man approached me and I felt a stab in my back.”


“I understood it was an attack because I’ve heard the news in recent days. I immediately ran to the other side of the street and the bus driver stopped and called an ambulance. I want to say thank you to him.”

The terrorist initially fled the scene and his in a nearby building site. He was captured by police less than an hour after the attack and was taken in for questioning.


Reports say the terrorist is an Arab teenager, a 17 year-old from the Hevron area; he admitted his role in the attack upon interrogation. Two additional Palestinian Arabs involved have also been arrested.

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