Facebook post attributed to ACLU leader says “Donald Trump voters should be shot” 


The Blaze  But Wirbel told KRDO-TV the post isn’t his. (yeah, sure that’s what you say when you know you’ve shot yourself in the foot)

“It’s very clear that wasn’t my belief, that we shouldn’t do that type of thing. That was all put together with comments from a bunch of different threads and presented as one unified whole as if I was the one advocating that Trump supporters should be shot, which is just not me,” Wirbel told the station Thursday. “I don’t believe in violence against people.”


The ACLU of Colorado contacted TheBlaze Friday morning and pointed to the following statement, dated Dec. 11:

The ACLU of Colorado does not condone the recent personal Facebook post of regional volunteer Loring Wirbel…The personal posts of members, supporters, and volunteers on their own personal social media sites should not be mistaken for endorsements or official statements of the ACLU of Colorado.


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