GOT PROOF? New allegations by designated terrorist group CAIR about spike in anti-Muslim “hate crimes” 

America-hater Hassan Shibly, CAIR-Florida’s Chief Executive Director and Spokesjihadist, attributed the “unsafe” climate in the Muslim community to the inflammatory “Islamophobic” rhetoric of Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates and political leaders.




In one alleged incident, a headbag-wearing Muslim woman in Hillsborough County claims she was chased while driving her car. A man driving a car cut in front of her car while throwing rocks and other objects at her. At one point, he got out of his car and screamed and cursed at her. The ‘victim’ felt even more threatened when the individual stated yelling, “I’m gonna cut her!”

In a second alleged incident in the Tampa area, another headbag-wearing Muslim woman’s car was shot at while leaving an Islamic Center. Fearing for her life, she proceeded to report it to the authorities immediately.

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