Grandpa Rapes Granddaughter, Muslim Mother Kills Her

Merfat (left), 23, and her father Faraj (right), 59, were arrested for the rape and murder of 2-year-old Grace Ahmed.

A Muslim mother awoke one night to her screaming toddler being brutally raped by the child’s grandfather. In a sickening effort to preserve family honor, the mother decided that there was only one thing to do that would save them from “scandal” in their town.

reports that after 23-year-old Merfat had put her child down for the night, she retired to her bedroom in the house she shared with her 59-year-old father, Faraj, in Sohag, Egypt. However, she soon awoke to the cries of her little girl, coming from her father’s room.

Merfat opened the door to find her daughter, 2-year-old Grace Ahmed, being violently raped by Faraj, the child’s own grandfather.

Instead of attacking her daughter’s rapist and saving her child, Merfat ran some bath water in a small tub, undressed the girl, and placed her terrified, bleeding baby inside. At the hands of her own mother, little Grace was held underwater until she drown.

According to Merfat, she murdered her own daughter to “avoid scandal” in the overwhelmingly Muslim town.

Chief Detective Ali Akhmim told Karama Press that the medical examiner found “traces of blood” in the child’s anus, revealing that the little girl suffered immensely before her death.

Police arrested Merfat and Farah, and charged them with murder and rape respectively.

Murdering the victims of rape is nothing new under Islam. In fact, honor killings and punishment under Sharia law are so common that rape is rarely reported in strict Islamic countries.

Under Sharia law, if a woman accuses a man of rape, she must produce four male witnesses to testify on her behalf. If she cannot, she is either lashed or put to death for extra-marital sex.

Because of this medieval Islamic law required by the prophet Muhammad, woman and children suffer sexual abuse in silence, fearing that their family will disown or murder them.

Mad World News recently reported that Muslim women and children are often given virginity tests upon marriage. If they are found to be “defiled,” the bride is in danger of several severe punishments.

“In some cases, a bride’s ears and nose are cut off,” she explained. “They are forced into dirty clothes and taken back to her parent’s home. Their heads are shaved. The bride’s family is told that she is not a virgin. Other times, a bride is simply killed and her body is returned to her parents.”

Over 90 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims, and over half of all Muslims surveyed by Pew Research agreed that honor killing over sex was justified.

Even more terrifying is that at least 1 in 10 Muslims in the UK support killing family members over “dishonor,” and 1 in 3 believe that a wife should be forced to unquestionably submit to their husbands.

Leftists love to purport that those opposed to Islam hate Muslims, yet they do not speak out for the victims of Islamic fundamentals. These women and children are often the victims of their own backwards ideology, and the only ones speaking out in their defense are those opposing Islamic doctrine and law.It is sickening that the left demands support and respect for this inhumane ideology, which requires adherence to its equally brutal legislation. Truly, liberals are the defenders of the abusers, and until they denounce this evil governance, their political correctness will continue to silence the abused.

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