Arab children armed with knives deny planning attack 

The two Arab children detained in Jerusalem Wednesday carrying knives in their pockets have denied police accusations they were planning to carry out a stabbing attack in the capital.


The Jerusalem Magistrates Court extended the 12-year-old pair’s remand by two days on Thursday, though their lawyer claims the court understands police mishandled the case.


Although found in possession of knives, attorney Mohammad Mahmoud insisted to Ynet the two were not planning on carrying out an attack. He further asserted that “during the investigation, police fragrantly infringed on their rights. The court also agrees.”


The pair, residents of the Akev village in northern Jerusalem, were arrested Wednesday afternoon in the city’s center after arousing the suspicions of police and passersby.


Police approached upon noticing the suspects’ hands were in their pockets. A search of their persons yielded the discovery of the knives.


Jerusalem’s Yasam commander, in charge of the officers who arrested the children, praised “the professionals whose actions may have prevented an attack and harm to innocent people.”


“We will continue to act with determination and professionalism to prevent harm to human life and in order to ensure public safety.”


Arab terrorists around the same age as these two children have conducted two of the stabbings in the ongoing wave of terror across Israel, both of which occurred in Jerusalem.


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