UK updates Israel travel warning in wake of Tel Aviv shooting 

Britain has issued a fresh travel warning for Israel in the wake of Friday’s shooting attack in Tel Aviv that killed two people and wounded seven others.


“An attack in central Tel Aviv on 1 January by an assailant using an automatic weapon has caused a number of casualties. If in the area, you should remain vigilant and follow the advice of the security forces, the updated travel guidelines on the British embassy’s website read.


“The security situation in Israel and the [Palestinian territories] is fast moving, tense and unpredictable. You should keep up to date with local media and travel reports,” the statement says.


Britain had already warned its nationals over travel to Jerusalem, in light of the current wave of violent Arab terrorists attacks on Israeli targets that began three months ago. Britons have been instructed to “avoid using buses in Jerusalem,” and to only “use the light rail between Mount Herzl and Ammunition Hill.”


“There are ongoing violent incidents in Israel and the West Bank, including Tel Aviv, East Jerusalem and the Old City,” the warning says.


“There have been numerous stabbing, shooting, arson and stone throwing attacks on people and vehicles, as well as violent clashes between protestors and Israeli security forces. There’s a risk that tourists or bystanders could be caught up in any incident. You should be vigilant at all times.”


The country also advises nationals to avoid all travel to the Gaza Strip and areas along Israel’s border with Lebanon in the area of the city of Metula, as well as locations along the border with Syria.10689539_710455559099708_1260590124236494985_n11111111111111131111112112112

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