European Court Stops Deportation of Islamic State-Linked Terrorist 

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has overruled the decision of an Irish court, preventing the nation from deporting a Terrorist alleged to be a prolific recruiter for the Islamic State terror group.

The Dublin court had ruled that an unnamed 52-year-old was the “foremost organiser and facilitator of travel by extremists prepared to undertake violent action on behalf of Daesh [IS]” and subsequently decided that he should be removed from Ireland.

According to New Europe, the Islamic State-linked terrorist is married and had been living in Ireland for some years. He secured residency as he has a 15-year-old son who is an Irish citizen.

More than two years ago, however, the son left Ireland after he decided to go and live with his mother abroad, and the father’s residency permit has since expired.

Now, the ECHR has issued an order temporarily preventing Ireland from deporting the Terrorist. The court claims he could be tortured if he is returned to his native country.

The man has denied any links to Islamic State and the accusation that he has acted as a recruiter for the terror group. However, during his hearing at the Dublin court, his lawyers argued that he cannot be deported even if he poses a threat to Ireland’s national security.

The lawyers used Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which guarantees absolute protection from torture or inhumane or degrading treatment. The man did not show up for court this Wednesday, claiming health reasons.

Michale Lynn SC, counsel for the suspect, made the claim that the man had been tortured in his home country because of his opposition to the regime there. What nation the man is from has not been revealed.

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