This is the reason why the U.S. did not slam Iran for detaining American sailors 


Rarerare.usThis is the reason why the U.S. did not slam Iran for detaining American sailors Yasmeen Alamiri9m ago“We’re not at war with Iran.” Share Visit 0 LikeFellowship of the Mindsfellowshipoftheminds.comISIS shows off stolen American technology traildustfotm10m ago ISISSecret Assbakistani lab in Europe boasts of new high tech weapon Warner Brothers in Burbank CA have begun frantic search for mole in their top secret offices. ♞ Share Visit 0 LikeRarerare.usHer dad is explaining snow to her, but she can’t take a single word seriously Betsi Fores10m agoThis cute little girl is learning about snow for the first time, but what her dad has to say? She’s not buying it.Each time he explains a new facet of snow, she starts cracking up.Watch the video“Daddy’s funny,” she says.When he insists it’s a true story, she just bursts up laughing.It’s so precious. Share Visit 0 Likewhatyouthoughtiwentaway.wordpress.comwhatyouthoughtiwentaway.wordpress.comThe New Terror Threat: Organized Rape JCscuba11m ago wordpress.comAs the reader will note below, this is and has not been an isolated incident. Most Muslim men who follow Sharia look at women and no better than barn yard animals. They treat them as such. Where Muslim men particularly those who practice Sharia law, mass rapes are not unusual they are the […]View Gallery2 images Share Visit 0 LikeRarerare.usWatch this bro put out a blazing boat fire with a second boat mangle12m ago fireA boat fire was raging out of control on Lake Lyndon in New Zealand when a fellow boater came to the rescue.After his boat died, the first skipper’s attempt to restart it somehow created a massive fire causing him to abandon ship.Watch the videoTwo massive gas tanks burned out of control — and as the wind blew the fireball ashore, the risk of a wildfire grew and grew. Luckily, a second boat arrived and used the power of physics and a wicked U-turn to douse the flames with lake water. Share Visit 0 Like Streams Followed Sites Manage Discover Recommendations My Likes Lists Tags communismconspiracyConstitution 2controversialDick Gainesfounding fathersGovernment 2Gunny GGunnyGHistory 2Judge Andrew NapolitanoLaw 2LibertarianMarinesMarxismMilitary – 2Newspatriot 2PoliticsThomas DiLorenzoUnusualUSMCThis is the reason why the U.S. did not slam Iran for detaining American sailors Yasmeen Alamiri9m agoRepublican presidential hopefuls on Thursday night criticized President Barack Obama for not speaking out against the capture of 10 American sailors in Iran. But, the State Department on Thursday said that the sailors were not able to fall under the Prisoner of War protections, since the United States is not at war with Iran.“The Geneva Convention applies for a time of war between nations, and we’re not at war with Iran,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said. “So it’s difficult to see how the provisions of the Geneva Convention can be applied here or us citing them as violations of it, because we’re not at war with Iran,” he added.The Prisoner of War protections come under the Geneva Convention, which applies to the treatment of prisoners of war, only when the two nations are at war. Since the United States is not at war with Iran, the protections don’t apply.The 10 American sailors, who were seen in video apologizing for their “mistake” in entering Iranian waters where they were captured, were released by Iran. Because the sailors do not fall under the convention, it means that the Obama administration will not accuse Iran of violating the convention’s protections for prisoners of war.The short detainment of the sailors comes days before the implementation of the global agreement on Iran’s nuclear powers. The agreement would lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits imposed on its ability to build a nuclear weapon.

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