German Police: “No Idea” Who is Entering 

The German police have “no idea” who is coming into Germany and have not been able to register 90 percent of the nonwhite flood entering the country, the German Police Union has warned—as new figures show that the invasion numbers are increasing to almost 15,000 per day.

In a strongly-worded interview with the dpa news service, Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft (DPolG) vice-chairman Ernst Walter said that his colleagues were “heavily overloaded” as a result of the invasion over the borders, and are no longer able to cope.

“We can no longer respond to large demands,” he told dpa. “The Federal Police have had to stop attending [to other duties] such as football matches and demonstrations because they simply don’t have the personnel.”

According to Walter, there are approximately 31,000 law enforcement officers in Germany, and because of the extent of the Angela Merkel-invited invasion of that country, many officers have had to be deployed outside of the country in support of the EU border protection agency Frontex.


The border with Austria has been particularly strenuous to patrol, he continued. There are at least 2,000 officers on duty at any one time, four times as many as normal.

They had been deployed in mid-September after the German authorities—realizing the extent of the invasion which the treasonous Merkel-regime had sparked off, introduced what were supposed to be “temporary” border controls with Austria.

It was never explained how these “temporary border controls” were to halt the invasion, as nonwhites who arrived at the German border were still let through whether they had papers or not. The idea was, however, for the police to at least register them before they entered the country.

This plan, as Walter admitted, has collapsed in the face of the sheer numbers of nonwhites who have stormed the border, seeking to parasite off the German (and ultimately off the entire EU) taxpayers.

Walter admitted that under these conditions, “sensible border controls are not possible.”

“The officers were quickly unable to register all the asylum seekers and they only succeeded in 10 percent of the cases. The rest go across the border unregistered. At this moment we have no idea who is coming into the country. The whole thing has little to do with real police work.”


An indication of the numbers entering Germany can be gauged from just one day’s invasion totals at the Austrian-Slovenian border.

According to a report in the Austrian Kleine Zeitung newspaper, on October 30, some 8,000 invaders crossed the border at Spielfeld, and were taken away by bus toward the German border. Some 2,700 more were in the border processing tents and wanting to enter from Slovenia, while a further 1,600 were waiting at the Slovenian town of Šentilj.

Another 2,000 are expected to arrive during the course of the evening, bringing the day’s total to nearly 15,000.

This figure exceeds even the earlier estimates of 10,000 per day, and at that rate, around half a million invaders per month will pour into Germany, dwarfing all previous estimates.

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