Moroccans and Algerians Swarm into Greece 

Up to 4,500 nonwhite invaders are still swarming into Greece via the islands around Lesbos every day, even at the height of the European winter—and increasing numbers are from Morocco and Algeria, it has emerged.

In addition, it has also transpired that Turkey has done absolutely nothing to halt the flow, despites promises by its government. The facts about the ongoing invasion were revealed by the Greek Deputy Minister of Migration Policy John Mouzala, in two recent interviews with Greek media.

The first interview, transcribed by the Eleftheros Typos news service, quoted Mouzala as saying that more than one million nonwhites had entered Greece over the last six months, and despite strong winds and winter weather, the flood of invaders had increased not decreased (as the controlled media had predicted).

Mouzala said that Greece could not accommodate “these tens of thousands of people who arrive every week on the islands,” and that the flow cannot be controlled only by Greece.

In addition, he said, “We have a new phenomenon: Moroccans and Algerians are coming over in ever larger numbers.”

Although there is no war or conflict in those countries, it is clear that the nonwhites have seen how easy it is for their racial kinsmen to invade western Europe while its liberal leaders dither, and have decided to seize the opportunity to also parasite off the European taxpayers.

“These people would have to be necessarily returned to their homes,” he said, raising the specter of mass deportations.

In the second interview, published in the Greece Tribune, Mouzala revealed that Turkey was not fulfilling any of its earlier commitments to the European Union, and had done nothing to stem the flow. “This problem must be addressed at the Turkish coast,” he said.

In October 2015, the European Union offered the Turkish government to €3 billion ($3.25 billion) to “improve the care of refugees,” inside Turkey and to keep and house them there.

In addition, Turks were offered visa-free travel to Europe from 2016, and the resumption of frozen negotiations on Turkey’s EU membership bid.

* Mouzala’s figure of how many invaders had crossed into Europe also contradict those put out by the United Nation’s High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), which said that the total number of nonwhites who invaded Europe for the whole of 2015 was some 851,319.

Mouzala’s estimate of over a million in the last six months alone seems far more accurate, given the numbers which have arrived in Germany (over 1.5 million) and those dispersed all over western and northern Europe.

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