Terror Attack at Brussels Airport

Several explosions have been heard at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport. An evacuation is under way. Pictures posted on social media show shattered glass at the entrance of the airport.

Several dead and wounded following explosion at Brussels Airport, Belgian Federal Police spokesman says.Reports are coming in that one of the explosions took place near the American Airlines check-in desk.Rail traffic to the airport has been suspended, Reuters reports.
Belgian media say there are several injured people in the Brussels Airport departure hall and rail traffic to the airport has been suspended.

No planes are landing at Brussels Airport which is in lockdown, and planes are being diverted to Antwerp. Planes are circling over the city of Liege.Sky News Middle East correspondent Alex Rossi, who was at the airport en route to Tel Aviv, has tweeted that he could“feel the buildings move.”At least one blast reportedly occurred in the airport’s departure hall.

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