EU BORDER AGENCY reports: More than 1.8 million illegal alien Muslim migrants including a “staggering” number of Islamic jihadists, have entered Europe in 2015


The European Union’s own border agency, Frontex, had admitted that it has no way of knowing the exact number of illegal Muslim migrants crossing the continent as it has no means to track them. But it concedes that a “staggering number” of terrorist-linked jihadis have taken advantage of the situation and entered Europe embedded with the refugees and economic freeloaders.

Despite widespread claims that the migrants are all refugees fleeing the war in Syria, it is now known that at least two of the terrorists who carried out the Paris attack last November were EU citizens who had gone to Syria to train as jihadis, and who exploited the migration wave to re-enter Europe.Frontex has confirmed that they entered the EU via the Greek island of Leros, where they presented fraudulent Syrian documents.

They are sending them to Europe and North America.

“The Paris attacks in November 2015 clearly demonstrated that irregular migratory flows could be used by terrorists to enter the EU,” said the report, Frontex’s Risk Analysis for 2016. “With no thorough check or penalties in place for those making false declarations, there is a risk that some persons representing a security threat to the EU may be taking advantage of this situation.”

It added: “The staggering number of EU citizens who joined the (Syrian) conflict as jihadists has resulted in a number of returnees opting to use irregular means of travelling.

“Islamist extremists will exploit irregular migration flows whenever such movements fit their plans.” And it pointed out that the same routes are being used to smuggle weapons. Around 800,000 illegal firearms are thought to be in circulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina alone.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has repeatedly warned that free movement heightens the risk of terrorism. Speaking in Strasbourg, at the heart of the European project, last April Mr Farage warned: “There is a real and genuine threat. When ISIS say they want to flood our continent with half a million Islamic extremists, they mean it.” His comment was met with sighs and shakes of the head by his parliamentary colleagues.

At the time the Guardian reported that a senior Ukip source – now known to be Breitbart London’s editor in chief Raheem Kassam in his previous role as Senior Advisor to Mr. Farage – said: “He is going to warn of the threat of jihadists. Not millions of jihadists but millions of people coming to the UK, of which some will be jihadists”.But the British and European political establishments paid no heed, with Mr. Farage having to repeat his claims again after the election, after the migrant crisis intensified to the point that he had already predicted.

Frontex has also attempted to quantify the number of illegal migrants entering Europe last year. It has found that 1.8 million illegal border crossings were detected by EU member states last year, six times more than in the previous year.“It was not possible to detect many migrants during their crossing … it is likely that an unknown proportion actually crossed and continued their journey without being detected,” the report noted. “There is no EU system capable of tracing people’s movements following an illegal border-crossing.”


Frontex added that it is “difficult for [EU] member states to ensure an efficient, high and uniform level of control at their external border”.


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