Didn’t I tell you the “Trump Effect” would be embraced around the world?


‘TRUMPISM’ has arrived in the Philippines in the person of Rodrigo Duterte who is the president-elect.

Russia Insider  The American media reported in advance  that on May 9th the ‘Philippine Donald Trump’ would be elected president in the country located between Taiwan and Indonesia, because this very Trump-like candidate’s appeal and lead was so clear. Then people in many countries started to discuss what that global tendency is, and most importantly, how bad this news would be for US global policy. Meanwhile, that candidate– Rodrigo Duterte – was elected.


His similarities with Trump are obvious: he says and does things one must not say or do. Duterte promised to shoot  criminals and feed them to the fish in Manila bay, without charge or trial, if he is elected president. Formerly, as the mayor of the large city of Davao, he patrolled the streets on a Harley Davidson, fighting crime despite being 71.

Again, the same as with Trump, the voters knew this wasn’t about a clown, but about a person who is good at business. Trump was first famous for his skyscrapers and hotels, his successful businesses, and only then for his TV program. Duterte was respected mayor of Davao for the last 22 years and knows a lot about the local economy.


It’s clear that this is all about the Philippines’ specific character. It’s a unique state and society – the ‘Asian Latin America’, Spain’s colony for 300 years. The country kept its carnivals, its Catholicism. Duterte with his cowboy pranks and jokes is a typical product of this mix of traditions. A people’s hero, in short.


They are now clearing up who actually voted for him. ‘People’ means the rural poor, or the middle class capital dwellers. The Aquino regime was brought down by its own success. There  was no major crisis under the outgoing government but the opposite, with record GDP growth. But there were problems, such as decaying infrastructure, middle class wants…


Maybe what they have in common is that political success is granted to people who like doing ‘wrong things’ – so far they’re just saying wrong things. But ten years ago people who said wrong things weren’t taken seriously and could not fit between the two parties that were similar.


All these supposedly competing parties had the same ideology: liberal or globalist, the American (or Anglo-Saxon or Western) ideology of uniting the whole world around a common understanding of dos and donts, and of course, with the goods of the same corporations. As for its specific character, it will be swept away by refugees and other migrants.


But people aren’t supposed to like such massive changes, a softening up by media and social networks, the forced admiration of the ‘open society’ and similar cliches, legislative and public bans against saying the ‘wrong things’. People resist against such pressure, even if not everyone and not all at once.


We’re not the only ones like that. All people are the same.  And now Donald Trump appears in the US, declaring that it’s time to end globalism, the world will be based on nation-states. Similar people, produced by nations and their specific character, are appearing in Europe, and now in Asia. Voters, or those who subconsciously rebel against globalism will awaken from that nightmare and say to themselves: this is us. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad, it’s us.

It’s very important for a man to be himself, because if there are no selves, why do we need the rest?



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