BANGLADESH: ANOTHER Hindu priest has been hacked to death by Islamic terrorists, the second in three weeks

Once again, a Hindu priest belonging to Gaudiya Vaishnava sect has been hacked to death at a temple in Bangladesh, police and senior administrative officials said.

Hindu Existence  Shyamanonda Das, 45, was killed on Friday within his temple named Shri Shri Radhamadan Gopal Moth at Kasthasagora village in the Jhinaidah district, 300km south west of the capital, Dhaka.

“When he was preparing morning prayers with flowers at the temple early in the morning, three young people came by on a motorbike, killed him with machetes and fled away,” Mahbubur Rahman, the head of the local administration, said.


“To make sure he died, they rained multiple blows on his head and neck with sharp weapons”, a witness said. The witness told police that the faces of the killers were covered with ‘gamchha’ (a local variant of towel). One of them was carrying a long-bladed machete.

The very Jihadi style of hacking resembles with other brutal killings of so many writers, publishers, free-thinkers, social activists, Hind-Buddhist-Christian priests, atheists, foreigners, professor, nurse and even commoners by Bangladeshi Islamists since past few years. In most of the cases IS sympathizers Islamist organisations or IS directly took the responsibility of these killings. Using ‘machetes’ for targeted killing is a popular trend among Bangladesh Jihadis.

On June 7th, a Hindu priest was hacked to death in Bangladesh by Islamic militants. Three bike-borne assailants killed the priest while he was on his way to a temple. Ananta Gopal Ganguly was attacked at around 9:30 AM by Muslim terrorists who slit his throat with sharp-edged weapons.

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