BE PREPARED! The Washington Post pushes Muslim Boy and Girl Scouts as more American than Donald Trump

The Washington Post Magazine had an anti-Trump cover story using Muslim Boy Scouts and Muslim Girl Scouts (wearing Islamic headbag/hijab) along with their scouting garb on the cover with text: “Be Prepared: Muslim American Scouts grapple with the Trump era.”


What the Washington Post fails to tell its readers is that The Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America have been infiltrated by the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, who put Islamic values above American values.


Nor did the Post mention this from the Islamic Council on Scouting “The Islamic Council on Scouting vision and promise is to promote and guide cooperative contacts between the proper authorities of Muslim organizations, mosques, and proper authorities of Islamic organizations, mosques and centers in partnership with Scouting. This Vision is directed at developing the spiritual phase among Islamic youth by means of the Scout oath and law” and to promote Islamic  values in Scouting through program helps and its Muslim religious emblems program.


Or this from KleinOnline:  The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 and epitomized the Christian values of America’s founding fathers for decades. Today, however, Boy Scouts of America is riddled with Islamic terrorist organizations who are recruiting and training youth — by the thousands — for their own causes.

The Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic organization responsible for the creation of Hamas, has infiltrated the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), not only through mosques and worship centers that establish and sponsor scouting programs, but also through direct partnership with BSA. The Islamic scouting emblems include an Allahu Akbar emblem. Allahu Akbar (‘Allah is greater’) are the very same words shouted by many Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers in the moments just before they kill (in the name of Allah).


Newsbusters  Throughout the piece, Post feature writer David Montgomery paired apparently outrageous quotes from Donald Trump (as well as Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee) with Post rebuttals with all-American Muslim teenagers in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was all about “Islamophobia” clashing with American values:

Yet the wave of Islamophobia had brought on a new level of introspection in the Muslim American community about what the country was becoming, and what growing up in this political climate would mean for their children. Weren’t their sons and daughters honoring the same American ideals as the Scout troops in Liberty, MO, and New Freedom, PA?

In a Post video, the reporter explained “Demonizing an entire religion has become a central theme for candidates.” Absolutely nowhere in this ten-page commentary did Montgomery let this political correctness clash with the opposing political correctness in the Scouts: liberals forcing gay Scouts and Scoutmasters on church (and mosque) sponsors of Scout troops.

No Muslim had an opinion on that subject? Or it just clashed with the Sunday propaganda?


The Muslim children profiled came from a mosque the Obama White House lavishes with attention, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) in the suburb of Sterling, Virginia. At the very end came the part George Will once called “Morning in America goo.” Muslims are more American than Trump voters in their Make America Great Again hats.

Montgomery also failed to wonder whether the ADAMS Center crowd really represent tolerance and freedom of religion. There’s no focus on their imam, Mohammed Magid. For a counterpoint, see “Obama’s shariah czar Mohamed Magid hands diversity award to Jew-hater Dawud Walid” (PJ Media) or “DHS Secretary to Hold Press Conference at Mosque Tied to Muslim Brotherhood” (Washington Free Beacon).



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