RHODE ISLAND: Media’s sickening Muslim moral equivalency

Following yesterday’s barbaric Muslim terrorist attack in Nice, we are supposed to give a crap that someone put anti-Islam graffiti and broke a window at a mosque. NEWS FLASH: Nobody cares.

Hours after the MUSLIM driver of a large truck mowed down a crowd in Nice, France, on Thursday night, killing at least 84 people, a Rhode Island mosque nearly 4,000 miles away was apparently targeted in a fallacious act of retribution.

Members of the Muslim Community Center of Kingston’s Masjid Al-Hoda discovered hate-speech scrawled across the front of their building in the small hours of Friday morning. In red spray-paint, the message read in tall letters: “Muhammad, prophet of butchers.” A window had also been smashed out.  (It isn’t hate speech, it is truth speech) Nasser Zawia, a spokesman for the mosque said “We’ve never faced anything like this.”

Designated terrorist group CAIR immediately demanded that state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate the apparent “hate attack.” CAIR has additionally requested police departments nationwide to increase patrols near Islamic institutions.

One thought on “RHODE ISLAND: Media’s sickening Muslim moral equivalency

  1. ¡¡¡Que se jodan!!!!

    No tienen el menor derecho a quejarse, me cago en su puto Alláh, en su puto profeta, ese analfabeto psicópata y pederasta de Muhammad/Mahoma y en su puto Corán de mierda.



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