GERMANY builds brand new homes for Muslim invaders where they can live rent-free for as long as they like

In an effort to house Muslim invaders refugees ‘for an extended period of time,’ the German city of Willich approved a contract with the MegaVillage AG corporation to build 70 entirely new houses in what has become the first official refugee village right in the middle of a German town.

Is that one Muslim couple with 4 children or one Muslim husband with 2 wives and 3 children?

Each home is fully equipped with all the necessities for a Muslim freeloader family – the village itself hosts 2 cafeterias, community dining rooms, washing rooms and on-site doctors. Grocery stores as well as schools and kindergartens are in immediate vicinity.Organizers of the village falsely claim that Germans have resigned themselves to this situation and no longer complain. (No, they haven’t)

The city administration of Willich hopes that within 5 to 10 years, every refugee will have a proper, full home so the temporary homes can be sold and bigger, multi-story and permanent houses can be built on the area…all of which  comes at a hefty price for the taxpayer.

Angela Merkel’s “open border” policy towards illegal immigration has caused over 1.2 million refugees to enter the country just last year. The city has allocated additional 2 million Euros in addition to the 7,5 million it already pays for regular housing of refugees, just for 280 individuals.

That is roughly 15,000€ per refugee per year just for housing, which amounts to a total of 50,000€ per refugee if you count in supply, health care, administrative and as well as unemployment benefits. The average wage of a German worker is 46,000€.

The German Government intends to spend a total of 93.6 Billion Euros to take care of Muslim invaders through 2020. This in spite of the fact that 860,000 German citizens  are currently homeless, millions of pensioners live below the poverty line and must resort to collecting returnable bottle or eating cat food, German families now often choose not to have children because they simply cannot afford it.This horrible injustice has caused the new Right Wing party AfD (Alternative for Germany) to gain huge traction, winning 25% of the vote in their first elections.

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