12-year-old Somali Muslim terrorist-in-training takes on Donald Trump for his honest remarks about Muslims, especially Somali Muslims in Minnesotastan

This little Somali Muslim crybaby, who whines about being bullied in school, will one day become an executive director at designated terrorist group CAIR, that is, if he isn’t back in Somalia fighting for al-Shabaab or in jail for being part of one of the notorious Somali Muslim rape gangs in Minnesota.

A Somali Muslim boy who has said he wants to be the first Muslim president of America (sorry kiddo, you would be the second Muslim president as we already have one) tried to take on Donald Trump, ahead of Republican presidential nominee’s appearance in Minneapolis this past Friday.

Yusuf Dayur, 12, said Trump says things that fuel ill-will toward his fellow Muslims. Trump’s campaign is instilling fear in people, Dayur said, “who do not really know what Islam stands for and do not really know what the Muslim community believes.” (People know exactly what Islam stands for which is why they can’t stand your kind)


In Minnesota, 10 young men of Somali Muslim descent have been charged with conspiring to travel to the Middle East to join ISIS. Six pleaded guilty, three were convicted and a 10th is believed dead. In addition, more than 20 young men traveled to Somalia to join the ranks of the terror group al-Shabab starting in 2007.

Dayur spoke at a press conference on Friday hosted by designated terrorist group CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations. At the press conference, several other young Muslims called on Trump to apologize for comments he’s made, which they say denigrate Islam and Muslims.  A spokesman for Trump’s Minnesota campaign said the candidate would not respond to comments made by CAIR or any of its co-conspirators.




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