PARIS: THREE ALGERIAN MUSLIMS gang rape French teenager at Eiffel Tower 


Three Algerian Muslims have been charged by police in France after a young woman was lured to the Eiffel Tower via Facebook and gang-raped.  The teenage victim, a French national, had been chatting with a man on the social network and agreed to meet him last Sunday, police said.

The invitation had been to “drink Coca-Cola and eat strawberries and grapes” in Champ de Mars, a park beneath the famous monument in the French capital. But it was a set-up, and the victim was dragged into bushes where she was bound, gagged and sexually assaulted by three men.


Her ordeal only came to an end when two Canadian joggers heard her screams and stumbled across the scene at around 5am. The victim was partially naked and crying as the men fled, Le Parisien newspaper reports.Three Algerian Muslims aged 17, who live in Germany and were about to return, have been charged by French prosecutors. They were planning to carry out the attack and return to Germany, according to reports.



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