Will Angela Merkel suffer yet another election battering for her party as Berlin goes to the polls today? 


German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party is headed for another hammering at the ballot box at the weekend when voters in the capital Berlin go to the polls to elect a new city government.


But while the anti-Muslim immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is expected to get into the senate, it is not predicted to perform as well as it did in a vote a fortnight ago in the chancellor’s home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The latest polls show the AfD running at 13 percent – although 41 percent of voters said they are still undecided which way to go.


Any strong AfD showing in Sunday’s election will be another warning shot to Mrs. Merkel of the dangers that lie ahead for her in the general election in the autumn of next year. The AfD has made massive inroads into her traditional voter base because of her open door policy on immigration.


Bloody clashes in the eastern city of Bautzen on Wednesday between German locals and Muslim invaders illustrate that her pleas for integration and tolerance are falling on increasingly deaf ears. The AfD is now represented in nine of the 16 state parliaments of Germany and are predicted to enter the national arena next year – at the cost of the CDU.


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