SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME? Three Dutch tourists stabbed by “confused” Muslim at a mosque in Morocco 


Three Dutch tourists were stabbed and seriously injured while visiting a mosque in the Moroccan town of Casablanca on Tuesday, reports ANP.

There are still many ignorant people in Europe who think it’s a good idea to spend their vacation in a Muslim country.

The foreign affairs ministry has announced that a 57-year-old woman, her 30-year-old son and 27-year-old daughter were attacked by a man while visiting the Hassan II Mosque, one of the world’s largest Islamic temples. ‘He appeared out of nowhere and began stabbing them,’ said a spokeswoman.


As usual, Western authorities are utterly at a loss as to the stabber’s motives. Local media have blamed a 28-year-old ‘confused’ and ‘hysterical’ man who was quickly overpowered by police, injuring one in the leg. The Dutch embassy is helping the victims in hospital and has informed the family.

It is astonishing that when Muslims have ‘mental health issues’ they are driven to bomb, behead, stab, shoot or attack non-Muslims. But it has nothing to do with Islam, as Muslims keep reminding us.


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