Trump to bring back the Winston Churchill statue SHAMEFULLY removed from Oval Office by Barack Hussein Obama – BARE NAKED ISLAM


One of the very first acts of the Obama presidency was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill  – a gift to America that was given to former president George W Bush by the British government. The insulting act of banishing the sculpture symbolized Obama’s abject hatred for the Anglo-American political tradition.



Obama’s little spiteful act of banishing the bust of Churchill signaled this whole administration’s gangster approach to governance.  Winston Churchill, for all of his human faults, was still the greatest defender of civilized values against Nazi and Stalinist tyranny.But now, BREXIT champion Nigel Farage has revealed that Donald Trump will re-install the Winston Churchill  sculpture  in a clear sign of the friendship the new President wishes to foster with Britain. The interim


Farage said Mr Trump has already pushed Britain to the front of the queue for a favourable trade relationship and added that he is the man to forge stronger ties with the US as he flew to visit the business tycoon in his first days as President Elect.The UKIP leader described Donald Trump as an “anglophile” and said his re-installation of the Churchill statue was a clear sign of his appreciation for the historically warm relationship between the allies.


He said: “At the end of our time with Trump we asked him if the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that Obama had removed from the Oval Office could be put back in its rightful place. He enthusiastically thought that was a good idea.”Churchill spoke prophetically about tyrant-appeasers like Obama and Kerry.  We have his prophetic words when Prime Minister Chamberlain came back from the Munich Surrender: Mr Farage said: “We talked about the prospect of the United Kingdom being at the front of the queue, all of which was met positively.”


His comments come after outgoing President Barack Obama told the UK earlier this year that its decision to leave the EU meant it would be at the “back of the queue” for trade talks.“You were given the choice between war and dishonour.You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”Echoing Mr Trump’s comments online about “unfair” protests, Mr Farage said: “Some people only like democracy when the result suits them.” He asserted that the business tycoon will be a “great president” not an “ogre” and that he was both “thoughtful and reflective.”.


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