Hamas-linked CAIR’s Los Angeles top dog wishes more people had been killed in Russian plane crash

Hussam Ayloush’s Twitter bio describes him this way: “Human rights and civil rights activist. Community organizer. CAIR-LA Exec Director. Son. Husband Father of 5.” But this “human rights and civil rights activist” let his mask slip a bit too far with this one, such that even hard-Left pro-jihad writer Max Blumenthal tweeted in response to Ayloush’s bloodlust: “Disgusting. But I know is better than this outlandish fanatic.”


Ayloush, seeing his pretense as a “human rights and civil rights activist” crumbling in the eyes of the very people he has fooled so well and for so long, swiftly deleted the tweet and began backpedaling. That will probably be good enough for Blumenthal and anyone else who thinks that Hamas-linked CAIR is a decent organization, but anyone else should consider Ayloush’s record. His tweet about wanting more Russians dead was not surprising. This is the same “outlandish fanatic” who called for the overthrow of the U.S. government in a tweet after Trump was elected. he has refused to condemn Hamas. He has refused to condemn Hizballah. He solicited money for the Holy Land Foundation, which was later shut down for funneling charitable contributions to Hamas, at a rally where Muslims screamed, “Death to the Jews!”


The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies me as a “hate group leader,” though I have never celebrated anyone’s death, called for anyone to be killed, solicited money for any terror group, or refused to condemn any terror group. Yet the Southern Poverty Law Center does not consider Hussam Ayloush to be a “hate group leader,” although he has done all of those things. That is one reason the SPLC is not a genuine “hate group watchdog.”



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