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What’s the Purpose of EU ?

Uk News 24


The intention of the European Union as a supranational organization has never been to promote prosperity in Europe, economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig told SP NEWS AGENCY.

In an interview, economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig saidthe EU, asan organization, never intended toenhance the prosperity ofordinary Europeans.

The interview came afterthe release ofa European Central Bank (ECB) survey which indicated that the gap betweenthe rich and the poor is onthe rise inEurope.

Ten percent ofeurozone households own more thanhalf the region’s wealth, withhalf a million euros each onaverage. Meanwhile, the poorest five percent owe more thanthey possess, and are stuck withnegative net worth, according tothe survey.

It seems that everyone was aboutten percent worse offoverall in2014 thanin 2010. Sadly butnot surprisingly, the poor became poorer faster thanthe rich duringthat period.

The Gini coefficient, the statistical measure ofinequality, rose overthe time period, reflecting…

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