Germany: Muslim migrant sexually assaults several twelve-year-old boys

“Asylum seeker harassed several boys sexually,” translated from “Asylwerber belästigte mehrere Buben sexuell.A nightmare situation for several 12-year-old boys in Linz and Traun. A 36-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan is said to have persecuted the children and sexually harassed and threatened them. The man has now been arrested.The 36-year-old asylum seeker from Leonding (district of Linz-Land) is suspected of having molested a 12-year-old from Traun on the afternoon of February 26, 2017 in a shopping center. With the intention of having sexual contact with him, he followed him up to the tram station, according to the police.


He even wanted to induce the child to come home with him, or to go to the central station together to find a public toilet, the police said. The accused did not leave the boy until he sought help from strangers. Previously, the asylum seeker still threatened to kill the victim, who had been completely frightened when he attempted to inform the police.But all this is not enough: extensive investigations by the police have revealed that the accused is also suspected of touching a 12-year-old from Linz in a streetcar in the intimate area on that same afternoon. The 12-year-old had to push the 36-year-old several times away firmly, until he finally left.


The Afghan also stalked him and another 12-year-old from Linz since December 2016. He demanded kisses from the boys, wanting to kiss, touch, hug and undress. The 36-year-old was brought to the Linz Justizanstalt by order of the public prosecutor’s office in Linz.


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