Stockholm truck jihad murderer: “I’m pleased with what I’ve done…I drove towards the infidels”



“‘I’m pleased with what I’ve done’: Stockholm jihadi killer says he ‘achieved what he set out to do’ and that terror attack was retaliation for Western military action against ISIS,”

Islamic jihadis usually couch their actions as retaliation for some supposed atrocity of the infidels, because defensive jihad in response to an attack by infidels is always allowed, and doesn’t require explicit orders or sanction from the caliph.

The shameless Stockholm jihadi killer accused of killing four people and injuring 15 others by driving a truck into the city’s largest shopping centre has boasted to police interrogators that he is ‘pleased with what he has done’.

When questioned by officers, 39-year-old Uzbek fanatic Rakhmat Akilov freely admitted his crime, smirking that he had ‘achieved what he set out to do’, a source inside the police told the Expressen newspaper.

He also admitted to being part of ISIS and said that the order to launch Friday’s atrocity came directly from the group’s high command in Syria.

Under interrogation at Kronoberg prison, the 39-year-old fanatic told police that he ‘drove towards the infidels’ in retaliation for Western military action against ISIS, demanding that ‘the bombings in Syria must stop’.

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the killer was so keen to tell officers that he was linked to ISIS that he made the claim even as he was being wrestled to the ground in Märsta on Friday evening.

‘I bombarded Sweden because you bomb my country,’ he reportedly said.

Police have confirmed that Akilov had an explosive device beside him in the cab of the hijacked lorry as he mowed down pedestrians on Drottninggatan high street in central Stockholm last week….

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