GERMANY: They promised more than 10,000 Muslims would be marching against Islamic terrorism, but turnout disappoints 

There were no more than a few hundred in this so-called ‘peace’ march and many of those were German leftists, NOT Muslims. Notice how the video below only shows close-ups to make the crowd look much larger than it actually was.

A so-called Muslim “peace march” against terrorismhas been held in the German city of Cologne but has drawn much fewer participants than organizers had hoped for.

The DPA news agency reported that a few hundred people gathered for the demonstration Saturday, with placards such as “Together against terror” and “Hatred makes the earth hell,” and the crowd later grew to hundreds. The organizers had expected several thousand protesters.

The country’s biggest Islamic association had refused to take part in the march. The “Turkish-Islamic Union” argued it would send the wrong signal by suggesting that international terrorism is mainly a Muslim problem.

German Muslims come out in great numbers for pro-Hamas, anti-Israel marches. Anti-terrorism not so much.

(NOWHERE NEAR) Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets of Cologne, on Saturday, to march against violence and acts of Islamic extremist terrorism (a few hundred at most, with many German leftists mixed in).

Protesters chanted “People of all nations, hand in hand, against terror in every country” and carried placards reading “Spread peace on earth” and “#Not with us.”

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